PharmD Electives

Elective Syllabus Elective Offerings
PHA5008: Foundations of MTM Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5331: Delivery of MTM Services Spring 3PD
PHA5011C: First Response, Emergency, and Disaster Planning Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5012: Clinical Applications in Personalized Medicine Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5020: History of Pharmacy Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5033: Leading Change in Pharmacy Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5032: Leadership for Pharmacy Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5034: Leadership Best Sellers for Pharmacy Summer 2PD, Summer 3PD
PHA5172: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5177C: Advanced Non-sterile Compounding Fall 3PD
PHA5209: Managed Care Pharmacy Practice Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5214: Advanced Topics in Community Pharmacy Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5060: Ambulatory Care Spring 3PD
PHA5605: Advanced Topics in Infectious Disease Spring 3PD
PHA5607: Critical Care Pharmacy Spring 3PD
PHA5609: Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Spring 3PD
PHA5933: Pharmacotherapy for Pediatric & Geriatric Patients Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHAXXXX: Geriatric Pharmacy TBD
PHA5706L: International Pharmacy Outreach Experience Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5933: International Pharmacy Outreach Experience Leadership Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5737: Drugs & Society Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5890: Women’s Health in Pharmacy Practice Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5922C: Thinking Skills in Pharmacy Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA5901/5902/5905/5906/5907: Pharmacy Research Elective Summer 1PD, Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD, Spring 2PD, Spring 3PD
PHA5XXX: Travel Medicine Fall 3PD
PHA5XXX: Advanced Topics in Anticoagulation Pharmacotherapy Fall 2PD, Fall 3PD

Approved Elective Courses Outside Pharm.D. Elective Offerings 
PHA6935: Veterinary Pharmacy Fall 2PD, Spring 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA6557: Clinical Toxicology I Fall 2PD, Spring 2PD, Fall 3PD
PHA6852: Mammalian Molecular Biology Summer 1PD, Spring 2PD
PHA6855: Forensic Genetics Summer 1PD, Spring 2PD
PHRD624: APhA Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies (Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy) Summer 1PD, Fall 2PD, Spring 2PD, Fall 3PD