Our Educational Philosophy

To empower students to be caring medication therapy experts and effective members of the interprofessional team, we provide a strong educational foundation in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social and administrative, and clinical sciences. We deliver an organized, sequential curriculum that instills an evidence-based approach to problem-solving and fosters the development and integration of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required in the profession.

The use of online, face-to-face, and independent learning activities requires students to assume responsibility for their own learning. Because contemporary learning occurs in multiple settings, we optimize the use of effective technology to connect learners in both synchronous and asynchronous environments. Students have diverse learning styles, and they need to apply what they learn within the actual context of practice. Therefore, we employ a variety of instructional methods such as didactic lectures, assignments, and application-based practice laboratories.

We maximize student engagement through sound instructional design, and we emphasize social interaction and communication with peers, faculty, and staff to enhance the learning experience across the curriculum.  We view the curriculum as a tool to develop professionals who embrace the concept of lifelong learning and who are committed to the advancement of pharmacy practice.