Curricular Affairs and Accreditation

Headshot of Dr. Karen WhalenThe office of Dr. Karen Whalen, Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs and Accreditation, leads efforts in the College of Pharmacy’s goal to prepare Pharm.D. graduates to become leaders who improve health and wellness of individuals and communities and advance pharmacy practice into the future.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Planning the Curriculum
  2. Development and Delivery of the Curriculum
    1. Instructional Design
    2. Web and Video Production
    3. Implementation and Support of Educational Technologies
    4. Academic and Classroom Student and Faculty Support
  3. Assessment and Evaluation of the Curriculum
    1. Assessment of Student Learning
    2. Evaluation of the Instructional Design/Effectiveness of the Curriculum
      1. Course & Faculty Evaluations
  4. Continuous Quality Improvement based on Assessment and Evaluation
  5. Tracking and Generation of University Required Reports
    1. Academic Activity Reports (Faculty Teaching)
    2. 5 Year Program Evaluation
  6. Accreditation Reporting
    1. ACPE
    2. SACs