Educational Philosophy


Formative Assessment
In-class Formative Assessment

Our goal is to prepare Pharm.D. graduates to become leaders who improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities and advance pharmacy practice into the future.
Our curriculum prepares pharmacists that are able to provide optimal patient-centered care, by:

  • Integrating knowledge across the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social/behavioral/administrative, and clinical sciences, with an emphasis on development of problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
  • Interweaving personal and professional attitudes and values across all courses and practice experiences to cultivate excellence.
  • Developing skills and abilities to engage with all elements of the healthcare system that are crucial for the delivery of patient care.

By blending individual and collaborative learning methods that incorporate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, our Pharm.D. graduates are ready to enter practice as integral members of an interprofessional healthcare team.