Teaching FAQ

Course Development

  • What is Instructional Design? Instructional design is the process of building lectures and courses around the way students learn. It involves the use of supporting technology and educational best practices to develop and deliver material in the most beneficial way possible.
  • How does Instructional Design Work? Our instructional designers lead faculty through a student-centered instructional design process consisting of 8 phases of analysis, design, and development. It is an iterative process that involves constant formative evaluation and revision.
  • What is Team-Based Learning? Team-based learning flips the traditional class model so that active learning is at the core of class time and passive exercises are completed outside of class. For example, students may watch a pre-recorded lecture at home and then spend class time discussing the subject matter or completing group assignments. More Information on Team-Based Learning
  • How do I Develop Learning Objectives? Learning objectives are brief statements that describe what students should be able to do by the end of a unit, module, project, or lecture. Learning objectives are the interim academic goals that educators establish for students who are working toward meeting more comprehensive course or curriculum level standards. More Information About Course Development
  • What is the PharmD Curriculum Track for Students? Information on the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum for UF pharmacy students can be found on the curriculum website.
  • How are Special Student Needs Accommodated? All support services provided to and for University of Florida students are individualized to meet the needs of students with disabilities. To obtain individual support services, each student must meet with one of the support service coordinators at the Disability Resource Center and collaboratively develop appropriate support strategies. Appropriate documentation regarding the student’s disability is necessary to obtain any reasonable accommodation or support service. More information at the Disability Resource Center
  • How do I Schedule a Consultation? Please email Director of Curriculum Development and Delivery Julie Thomas to schedule a course planning consultation.

Lecture Recording

  • How Do I Schedule a Lecture Recording? To schedule a recording, please use the online calendar system located on the Video Services website. Choose what studio or room you’d like to reserve from the list on the left, enter the required information, and submit your request. You will receive email confirmation when your appointment has been scheduled.
  • Where is the Studio Located? The Video Services office is located on the first floor of the Health Professions, Nursing and Pharmacy building (HPNP) in room 1316. The studio is next door in room 1320.
  • How Should I Prepare to Record a Lecture? The College of Pharmacy Video Services Department provides strategies for preparing and managing your lectures so that they are suitable for recorded delivery, as well as engaging for students in the classroom. A list of best practices is also provided.
  • Can I Record a Lecture from my Office or Home? Video Services maintains a full-service, professional recording studio in the HPNP building to capture lectures and produce high-quality educational content. However, if you are unable to make it to the studio, you may be able to record your presentation using Kaltura Capturespace, an audio, video, and screen recording program. Please see the step-by-step instructions on using Capturespace for more information.
  • Can I Re-Use a Lecture from a Previous Semester? If a recorded lecture is more than two years old, it cannot be re-used for future courses. However, if the lecture is less than two years old and meets certain criteria, you may be able to re-use it by submitting a request form for each video. See the criteria and re-use request form for more information.
  • Where Can I Find PowePoint Templates for my Lecture? PowerPoint templates for both pre-recorded and live lectures are available on the Video Production Services website.
  • What Services are Available? Video Services can provide
    • Lecture Capture
    • Studio Recording
    • On-location Shoot
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design / Development
  • Visit the Video Production Services website for more information.

Teaching Tools

  • How do I Use the Respondus LockDown Browser? Respondus LockDown Browser provides another level of security for online testing. The LockDown Browser disables all functions of the student’s computer other than the test being taken so students cannot copy/paste, search the internet, or access any documents on their computer while using LockDown Browser. More Information on Lockdown Browser
  • How Do I Sign on to UF’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)? The VPN client uses your myUFL (Gatorlink) username and password to authenticate you. It then creates a secure channel between your remote computer and the UF network, and routes all traffic to and from UF through that channel. More Information on VPN
  • Where do I Log in to Canvas? The main Canvas log in page can be found here: Canvas support is provided by the UF Help Desk
  • How Do I Use Zoom? Zoom is a web conferencing system for online learning. Zoom enables you to share documents (PDF and any office document), webcams, chat, audio and your desktop. It can also record sessions for later playback. Get Support for Zoom at this site.