LockDown Browser

Your PharmD Courses require the use of LockDown Browser for all in-class quizzes. Watch this video to get a basic understanding of LockDown Browser.

Download Instructions

Download and install LockDown Browser by Respondus (Web URL)

Once Installed:

  • Start LockDown Browser
  • Log into to Canvas
  • Navigate to the quiz

Note: You won’t be able to access a quiz that requires LockDown Browser with a standard web browser. If this is tried, an error message will indicate that the test requires the use of LockDown Browser. Simply start LockDown Browser and navigate back to the exam to continue.

Getting Help

Several resources are available if you encounter problems with LockDown Browser:

  • The Windows and Mac versions of LockDown Browser have a “Help Center” button located on the toolbar. Use the “System & Network Check” to troubleshoot issues.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties using the LockDown browser, contact COP IT (Web URL) at (352) 273-6600.
  • Respondus has a Knowledge Base available from support.respondus.com. Select the “Knowledge Base” link and then select “Respondus LockDown Browser” as the product.
  • If you’re still unable to resolve a technical issue with LockDown Browser, go to support.respondus.com and select “Submit a Ticket”. Provide detailed information about your problem and what steps you took to resolve it.