About the Curriculum

UF College of Pharmacy classroom learning.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, the College of Pharmacy introduced an innovative curriculum to prepare students to be 21st century pharmacists.

Integrated into the curriculum are the following new approaches to prepare student pharmacists for practice by:

1. Promoting Comprehension and Retention through Context-based Curricular Integration

  • Basic sciences & clinical sciences are learned in an integrated manner.
  • Material is learned in context of how it applies to practice.
  • Skills labs simulate practice and provide simultaneous development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional values.

2. Emphasizing Personal & Professional Development of Students

Coursework within the new curriculum will offer students opportunities to develop:

  • Soft-skills – Interpersonal communication and personal attributes such as self-awareness, leadership, teamwork, flexibility, and an innovative mindset
  • Self-directed learning – Skills that prepare graduates for lifelong learning

3. Documenting continuous achievement through milestone assessment

  • Year 1 Milestone documents readiness for the Introductory Community Practice Experience
  • Year 3 Milestone documents readiness for clinical rotations in final year.
  • Year 4 Milestone documents students are “Team Ready” and “Practice Ready”

Students Presenting a PosterPrimary Attributes of the UF Pharm.D. Graduate

Graduates of the University of Florida Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D. program will have mastered competence in patient-centered care by demonstrating these primary attributes:

  • Evidence-based problem solver
  • Collaborative interprofessional team member
  • Facilitator of change
  • Self-directed learner
  • High personal standards of professional behavior
  • Exemplary soft skills