PharmD Certificates

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Leadership Professional Certificate

The UF College of Pharmacy Leadership Certificate promotes leadership development among pharmacy students to equip the future leaders in the profession. By providing opportunities for pharmacy students to learn about leadership principles, develop self-awareness related to leadership and put this new knowledge into practice, UF COP Leadership Certificate graduates will be prepared to influence change in the profession for the benefit of patients, pharmacists and the health care systems in which we work.

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Personalized Medicine Certificate

The UF College of Pharmacy Certificate in Personalized Medicine is designed to prepare pharmacy students to use pharmacogenomic and genomic data in their future clinical practice. Pharmacy students will gain a general genomic and molecular biology background as well as valuable experience applying genomic data to patient scenarios and an understanding of practical issues affecting genomic medicine implementation, including clinical laboratory testing, informatics, as well as ethical, legal and social issues. Those awarded the certificate should have the skills necessary to effectively use pharmacogenomic information to personalize treatment for patients within their clinical practice.

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Medication Therapy Management

The UF College of Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, Certificate provides focused, comprehensive MTM training for student pharmacists. As students progress through the program they will gain foundational knowledge of MTM, managed care organizations, and performance measures influenced by MTM services. Students will also learn how to plan, develop, and manage a successful MTM business. In performing comprehensive medication reviews in practice and with actual patients, students should achieve improved self-efficacy in providing MTM services. Upon completion of the certificate student pharmacists will have attained expanded skills and extensive experience in order to perform and manage MTM services.

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