Research Electives

Pharm.D. students have the opportunity to do research electives for credit with faculty in the College of Pharmacy. Students should refer to the Research Elective syllabus.

Student in Research Lab

  • 2PD and 3PD students may take up to 2 credits of Research electives with approval of the Office of Student Affairs
  • Students may also register for up to 3 credits of Research electives during Summer A or B. In order to do so, students must request IPPE/APPEs so that their schedule will allow the requisite number of hours in the research setting.
  • For one credit hour there is a minimum of 48 contact hours (not including preparation time).

Research Approval Form

All research electives must be approved by the Office of Research and by the Office of Student Affairs. Students who identify that they wish to enroll in a research elective will be sent this form by the Office of Student Affairs prior to registration for the upcoming semester.

The Research Approval Form will be sent through Docusign. In order to complete this form, you will need to have contacted and met with your Research Elective Instructor (research mentor) and established the following:

  • Faculty mentor name
  • Number of credit hours and timing of your research
  • An overview of the project
  • Whether the project involves any animal contact or tissues , or any human subject contact, data, tissues or cell lines
  • If there was IACUC (for animals) or IRB (for humans) approval related to the project

Students should also discuss the faculty expectations for the elective. Students and faculty should refer to the syllabus for guidance on expectations, including rubrics for grading, that are within the syllabus.

The electronic form needs to be completed 100% via DocuSign. Once the student enters the information listed above and sign the form. The form will then route to Ben Burkley, the College of Pharmacy’s Regulatory Research Manager, for review/signature. Once he has signed the form, the form will route directly to the student’s faculty mentor indicated on the form. The completed form will then route directly to Deena Wilson in Student Affairs, who can then register the student for their research elective. You will receive a confirmation of the registration, including the course number and the number of credit hours.