PharmD Absence Request

Requests for excused absences or tardiness must be communicated by email at least 60 minutes prior to a scheduled class session, exam, or other Pharm.D. curricular event. The email template below must be used for all communications concerning both absences and tardiness.  The emailed absence request must be addressed to:

This request will be received by the student’s respective Academic Coordinator and the distance campuses’ Educational Coordinators.  The Academic Coordinator will communicate all necessary information to the designated Teaching Partnership Leader/Course Director.  If email is not possible, the student should call his or her Academic Coordinator (see the COP’s Staff Directory).  The Academic Coordinator will then facilitate all communications regarding an absence request and serve as the primary point of contact about absence decisions and other related information.  Students are encouraged to call the Academic Coordinator for any additional assistance with absence requests.

Please note: sending a request for an excused absence does not automatically guarantee that the request will be approved.  All students must ensure that they receive written approval from an Academic Coordinator which states that a student’s absence request will be excused.

DO NOT submit private, patient-identifiable information along with any requests or documentation that you provide.  Such items are deemed to be HIPAA-protected data, and they will be reported to the UF Health Privacy Office.  If this instance occurs, it will be treated as a Professionalism Violation.  Please refer to this UF Health Privacy page for more information on HIPAA and details about what must not be shared when requesting a medically-related excused absence or tardy.


PharmD Absence Request

Please submit this form prior to the start of a required class activity and follow all tardy or absence policies as outlined in the course syllabus to be considered for an excused absence or an excused tardiness.
  • Max. file size: 125 MB.